I'm not a techie person and I don't understand these new terms, can you explain them to me?

There are a few terms you should be familiar with when building a website. Below are the terms you may need to know to get started;

cPanel: This is your Control Panel for your hosting account. It is where you will do things such as set up your email accounts, domain add-ons, subdomains and pretty much everything else associated with your website. It is not the same as your Client Area where you do things such as pay your invoices, update your personal details or purchase new domains if you want. Your cPanel login details can be found in the New Account Information email we sent you after your account was activated with us.

Domain Name: A domain name, such as google.com or apple.com, is required to access your website online. All websites should have a unique domain name. When you sign up to web hosting the system automatically tells you if a domain name is available (not used by anyone else). Older MobileMe users who may have used http://web.me.com/username to access their website may not be familiar with domain names because Apple let you use theirs. Outside of MobileMe all websites should have their own unique domain name. 

Domain names must be renewed yearly and cost $15 USD/year.

FTP or FTP Server: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is used to transfer your website from your computer to the Internet. iWeb 09 (version 3.0) or later includes an FTP feature built in to transfer your files. Older versions do not so that is why we provided iWeb SEO Tool which can publish your website and get it online.

Name Servers: Name servers are associated with a domain name and tell it what server (or web hosting company) to point to. They are two simple strings that you would use only when you purchase a domain name from one company, but want the domain to forward to another hosting company. For example, you purchased your domain name from Network Solutions (or Godaddy, register.com etc..) and you purchased web hosting from us. You would login to your domain control panel and enter the name servers we provided to you in the New Account Information email. A few hours after updating your domain will start to point to our servers.

Propogation: Propogation is related to name servers. Once you update your name servers it takes some time for them to update across the Internet. This time it takes is known as propogation. A name server update will usually propogate in a few hours but it can take up to 24 hours. While the name servers are propogating your domain will point to your old web site. That may explain why you can't see any changes that you have published to your website.

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