How do I submit and verify my sitemap in Google?

If this is the first time you have created a sitemap.xml file you have to log in to your Google webmasters account and tell Google where your sitemap.xml file is. After you do this, you can simply re-submit your sitemap file from within RAGE Sitemap Automator without having to log in to your Webmaster Tools account. The user manual under the help menu also includes step by step instructions with screenshots.

Steps to submitting your sitemap;

1) Create a free Google web master's account at

2) At the top of the window you will see a field that lets you add a site. Enter your web site address in that field. (If you have used www in your web site address when you scanned it with RAGE Sitemap Automator, make sure you are consistent when you submit your sitemap file).

3) Click Sitemaps on the left hand side then choose Add sitemap from the menu that appears

4) Select 'Add General Sitemap' from the drop down menu that appears

5) Enter sitemap.xml in the sitemaps field

Your sitemap has now been submitted, you just have to verify that you own the web page in question.

1) Click overview in the left hand side menu

2) You will see a notice that you must verify your web site, click the link to get more instructions

3) You will be given two options to verify that you own the web site. Choose which ever one is convenient for you and follow the on screen instructions.
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