How does Google Sitemap Automator compare with the tools provided by Google?

Google does provide a free program that creates XML Sitemaps. Sitemap Automator offers the following benefits;

1) Much easier to set up and use. Just enter your URL and you're done. the generator provided by Google requires you to edit config files and upload additional scripts to your server

2) The generator provided by Google requires that you have python installed on your server and that you have permission to run the scripts

3) The generator provided by Google works by scanning your Access Logs which means you must have access to these and they must contain all the urls on your site. If they don\'t, some URLs will not be added to your XML Sitemap. Sitemap Automator on the other hand scans your entire website for every working page on your site.

4) The generator provided by Google requires you to manually set all the additional info such as last modified time, the importance of each page and how often each page is modified. Sitemap Automator on the other hand takes care of all this for you through setting powerful filters. In fact, it will automatically get the last modified date of all your html files without you having to set anything.

5) Sitemap Automator will remember all the meta details you entered for each page (including frequency, priority and last modified dates) each time you scan your website. With Sitemap Automator you can set your meta details once and each time you re-scan your site your old meta details will be applied just as you had previously set them.

You may try them both.

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