No webpages were found after scanning my website in Sitemap Automator.

This message occurs when Sitemap Automator can not find any pages on your web site besides the page that was entered to be scanned.

There are various reasons why this would happen;

    1. You have created filters which are too restrictive. This problem occurs when you add filters and specify 'Do Not Add' for a condition that restricts Sitemap Automator from scanning further from the page that was entered. To fix this issue, remove some of your filters and re-evaluate the conditions you have set for them.

    1. Your web pages contain a file extension that is not set to be scanned. Go to the Preferences and select the Files To Scan tab. This will list all the file extensions that will be scanned for additonal links. Make sure the extension that you use for your web pages is added to this list.

    1. Your web page consists of only FLASH media. Sitemap Automator can not find links in a purely FLASH based web site. You must have an actual HTML page that links to other pages.

If you continue to get this error, you can email Customer Support for additional assistance.
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