EverWeb crashes when opening the Font Panel. How can I fix this?

We changed the way EverWeb loads fonts in version 1.9. However, in rare cases it may crash when trying to load a corrupted font file. Note that if you get this crash you should use the 'Check for Update' feature under the EverWeb menu to ensure you have the latest EverWeb build.

The following steps will help you fix this and it is also a good idea to follow these steps to improve general system performance as it will remove curropted font files that can slow down your system.

1. Open the Font Book application which you can find in your Applications folder
2. Go to File menu and select 'Restore Standard Fonts...'. This function will return your system to the default fonts that came with your computer. Don't worry it does not delete them, just uninstalls them
3. If you launch EverWeb and open the Font Panel, everything should work

Your next step is to re-install the fonts while removing the corrupted ones.

1. From the Finder select the Go menu at the top of your screen and select 'Go To Folder...'
2. Enter this into the window that appears to be taken to the location of the uninstalled fonts;

~/Library/Fonts (Removed)

3. You can now drag and drop all the uninstalled fonts onto the Font Book window. You will notice that it will warn you about any Fonts with issues and you can choose to not install them. It is highly recommended to not install these fonts
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