Can’t create the file "imagefile". The disk may be damaged or full, or you may not have sufficient access privileges.

This error message is a common iWeb error and is due to a bug with iWeb's publishing feature. Since iWeb is no longer being developed, we need to track down the issue and fix it on our own. The error message is usually not indicative of the actual issue so there are a few things to try. To fix this issue, please follow the following steps;

1. Quit and relaunch iWeb to see if it fixes the problem. If not, continue to step 2.

2. Restart your computer to see if any temporary hard drive issues are causing this problem. If it doesn't fix the problem, continue to step 3.

3. Try to find the page that contains the image in question. You can usually locate the page that includes the image by looking for the first page that has a red icon. If you can find the page that contains this image, delete the image on this page and re-add it. If that is not possible, continue to step 4.

4. If you are publishing to a folder, change the location that you publish to in iWeb's Publish Settings Screen. You can access the Publish Settings Screen by selecting your Site Name (next to the Globe icon) in the upper left hand corner. If you cannot do this, move on to step 5.

5. We will try and empty iWeb's cache files by following these steps. Don't worry, we won't touch your original iWeb files so you won't lose any website project files;

a. Quit iWeb.
b. In the Finder go to the Go menu and select 'Go To Folder'. In the window that opens enter the following exactly as shown below;


c. Move the files in that folder to the trash folder
d. Now go back to the Go menu and select Go To Folder as you did in step b. In the window that opens enter;


e. Move the file called '' to your trash folder
d. Launch iWeb and try publishing again
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