The directory/path couldn't be found. Verify your settings and try again.

If you start to receive this message when publishing your iWeb site;

The directory/path couldn't be found. Verify your settings and try again.

Go to the Publishing Settings screen where you first entered your FTP information. You can find the Publishing Settings screen by selecting your website name in the top left hand corner of iWeb. 

Once there you will see the Directory/Path field. Replace;




Do not change anything else.

If that field contains anything more than just;


Then only replace that portion with public_html

If you get a message saying "A folder with the name "____" already exists on the server. Do you want to replace it? Replacing it will completely overwrite the current contents of the folder on the server." you can click to proceed with replacing the folder. This will publish your entire website. The next time you publish, you will be able to publish just the modified files. 

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