Google complains about too many redirects. How do I fix this?

Some websites, especially iWeb based sites, may produce warnings in your Google Webmaster Tools account after submitting your XML Sitemap file. Basically, all Google is complaining about is the fact that one URL immediately redirects to another URL so the former URL does not provide anything of value to Google. For example if you host your website with MobileMe and it was created in iWeb, if you were to type in;

You will see that it immediately redirects to a new, longer URL. This is a redirect and is what Google is complaining about.

This warning may also show up as a 302 redirect or a 200 (Success) error.

You have two options;

1) Delete the urls that Google is complaining about before generating your sitemap in RAGE Sitemap Automator. This can be done in the Edit Links tab. You can also create filters to never add the those offending URLs.


2) Ignore the errors because Google just wont add these redirects to their search index. Which is OK because it is adding the final url that contains your actual content. You can safely ignore these errors.

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