I am getting an Not Secure Website or Not Private warning when visiting my HTTPS website

If you have the EverWeb Secure Shield add-on enabled, you can use HTTPS instead of HTTP to access your website. This gives you a number of benefits including securing your website for your visitors, higher search engine rankings and a more trusted website experience. 

If you are getting an insecure content or not private error message when visiting your website using the HTTPS version please check the following;

  1. If you just registered your domain name name it will take up to 24 hours for the HTTPS version to start working
  2. If you just updated your domain nameservers it will take up to 24 hours for your HTTPS to start working
  3. Make sure you have clicked the 'Use Secure HTTPS URLs' in EverWeb from the File menu->Edit Publishing Settings
  4. If you have used any third party widgets, check to make sure they are updated for HTTPS websites with the developer
  5. If you have included any custom code snippets using the HTML Snippet Widget or Header/Footer fields, make sure you are using HTTPS urls
  6. You can check to see if you have linked to, or have included, insecure content on your website by opening up the Developer Console in your web browser
  7. If you are using EverWeb Standalone with a third party hosting provider, check with them to makes sure you have a valid SSL certificate installed

Opening The Developer Console to Check for Insecure Content

Follow these steps to check for insecure, regular HTTP requests on your website that may be  coming from third party widgets or custom code you have added to your website.

  1. Launch Safari and go to Preferences and select the 'Advanced' tab
  2. Enable the option 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'
  3. Visit your website and go to the Develop menu and select 'Show Web Inspector'
  4. Click the 'Console' tab and you will see any errors on your website. If you see an error saying that  insecure content was blocked, you  must fix that link on your website and republish
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