I cannot connect to my website in my web browser, it was previously working fine.

If you are getting connection errors from your web browser when trying to visit your website, this article may provide a quick solution to fixing this problem.

Your IP address may have been banned or blocked from the server because of too many connections using the wrong connection details. This only happens if you try to send/recieve email, publish to your server or login another way with incorrect login details too many times in a short period of time.

In order to fix this you can unban your IP by following these steps.

Note: We now automatically unban your IP address when you log into your client area. If you need to unban a different computer on a different network, please follow these steps.

1. From the computer you are having connection issues with, enter 'What is My IP' into Google to get your IP address (it will be in the format of ###.###.###.###)
2. Login to your client area
3. Go to Services->My Services
4. Select 'View Details' next to the service you are having issues with
5. At the bottom of the next page you will see a button labelled 'Unban IP', click that button
6. From here, enter the IP address from step 1
7. Now try connecting again.

Is it possible that my customers or visitors will be blocked from my website?

No, EverWeb's servers only block users who try to access secured areas of a website that require a login and password (such as email, FTP, backend management, etc...). It won't block users who are simply visiting your website through their browser. Additionally, it only blocks users who have attempted to access these secured areas using incorrect login details in a very short amount of time.
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