When publishing my website it gets stuck on Logged In or stops publishing at a random file.

This usually happens if you are using an Internet connection that blocks certain types of connections. For example if you are in a hotel, public wifi network, or some networks with strict firewalls (such as your office). It can also happen if you are trying to publish via FTP over SSH with EverWeb 2.5 or earlier. Publishing to FTP with SSH was added in EverWeb 2.6. If you need to publish using FTP over SSH (Port 22) in an earlier version of EverWeb (earlier than version 2.6), publish to a folder first and use a third party FTP client such as FileZilla.

One possible way to fix this is to open the Preferences window (EverWeb menu at the top left hand corner and select 'Preferences'). Then uncheck the 'Use Secure Publishing' option. Now, try publishing your website again.

In EverWeb 1.7 or later you can also turn off the PASSIVE FTP publishing. Open your EverWeb Preferences again and select the 'Publishing' tab. Then toggle the option that says 'Use passive publishing connections'. Then try publishing your website again.

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