What is ID Protection for Domains?

Whenever you purchase a domain, your personal details which include your full name, physical address and email address must be sent to ICANN, the company that handles all domain registration.

By default, your details can be publically veiwable from their database. You can look up the details of individuals who own any domain to see what information is made available. Some companies will look for your domain name registration details to send you unsolicited messages. This can result in a lot of SPAM emails to the email attached to your domain.

ID protection prevents your personal details from being able to the general public. It costs $10 USD/year and will make sure your details are kept private.

You can purchase it when you first purchase your domain, or at any time afterwards.

To purchase ID protection for an existing domain (which you have purchased through us), follow these steps;

1. Login to your client area
2. Press the Domains tab and select 'My Domains'
3. Click the 'Manage Domains' button next to the domain you want to add privacy protection to
4. Select 'Addons' from the sub navigation menu on the next page
5. Click the 'Buy Now' link and follow the form
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