How can I transfer a domain to my EverWeb Hosting Account?

If you currently own a domain with another company, you can easily transfer it to your EverWeb Hosting account. The process is very easy and straightforward.

You will not lose the any registration time you have already paid for when transferring your domain.

We support the most common domain types (also known as top level domains or TLDs). These include .com, .net, .org and many other TLDs. On the Transfer Domain Page you will see all the supported TLDs.

You can use any domain with your EverWeb account, but you can only have supported domains managed from your EverWeb account.

Transferring a Domain vs Pointing a Domain to our Servers

Any domain can be point to our server by changing their nameservers. The most popular domains can be transferred to your EverWeb hosting account so you can manage them with your account.

Transferring a domain just means it is contained in our system so you can manage it from your client area system with us and all your services (hosting and domains) are with one company.

Transferring a Domain Name to Our System

Transferring a domain from your current domain registrar to our system is very easy. Domains come with some protection to ensure you don't accidentally transfer them to the wrong place so you do have to follow the steps outlined below;

With your current domain registrar you must either login to your account or tell your domain registrar to do the following for you;

  1. You can update your nameservers to the ones we sent you in the Welcome Email when you signed up to EverWeb. If you choose to do this now, make sure to publish your website to our servers and set up your email accounts (details on how to do this is in your Welcome email we sent when you signed up). This points your domain to our servers first, so you can then follow the steps below to transfer your website in the background. You can also wait until the end and make the nameserver changes in our system once your domain is transferred.
  2. Unlock your domain
  3. Turn off privacy protection
  4. Get your the Domain EPP Code (also known as the authorization or transfer code). This is a private code that only your domain registrar knows so that you don't accidentally transfer your domain name.
    1. For .uk domains you will just need an IPS tag instead of an EPP code. The IPS tag you need to use is ENOM and that should be sent to your current domain registrar. That will push your domain to our system

Once you have done the above, you should follow these steps within your client area in our website;

  1. Login to your client area with us and go to Domains->Transfer a Domain
  2. Enter your domain and follow the steps on the checkout page
  3. Within 48 hours you should receive an email asking you to verify the transfer. Click the link within this email. This email will be sent to the email associated with your domain and can only be changed from the current domain registrar
  4. Within 72 hours your domain should be fully transferred to our system and you can verify this by going to the Domains tab in your client area with us
  5. Now that your domain is in your EverWeb client area you can go to Domains->My Domains and click the newly transferred Domain.
  6. If you didn't update your nameservers before the transfer then you can do so from your client area with us. Change the nameservers to the ones we sent you when you initiated the transfer. Within 24 hours (usually much sooner) your domain is fully pointed to our servers and you can cancel your account with your current domain registrar.

If you missed any of these steps we will send you an email letting you know what went wrong so you can correct it and start the process again.

Why do I have to Pay to Transfer a Domain?

You are required to renew your domain for an additional year from the current expiration date whenever you transfer your domain. These are not our rules, but are always required when transferring a domain.

Will my website go offline while I transfer my domain?

No. As long as you don't cancel your existing web hosting with your current provider until you complete the transfer to us, your website will not go down and will be available the entire time.

Once your domain is transferred to us, see step 8 above to update the nameservers. Within 48 hours of updating your nameservers you can then cancel the hosting with your existing domain registrar.

Which Domain Extensions Can Be Transferred to EverWeb?
Most domains can be transferred for management in your EverWeb client area. You can check the available domains here on the domain transfer page.


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