How can I update my nameservers for my domain?

Nameservers are two strings that point a domain to a specified server. This is what makes a domain that is purchased from one company, work with the web hosting services of another company.

Nameservers can be updated through your client area of the company you purchased your domain from. They are in the form of;

(these are just example nameservers, yours will look similar, but they will be different)

If you purchased the domain through us, follow these steps (most likely you will never have to update nameservers for domains you purchased through us as we do that for you);

1. Login to your client area
2. Go to Domains->My Domains (if you don't see your domain it was not purchased through us and you'll need to follow the steps below)
3. From the wrench icon drop down menu next to the domain you want to change, select 'Manage Nameservers' from the drop down menu beside that button
4. Enter the desired domain names

Change domain nameservers

If you purchased your domain through another company (such as godaddy, 1and1, network solutions etc...) you need to either login to your client area with them OR contact them to update them for you. Just tell them to change your nameservers to the desired nameservers.

Once you update your nameservers it may take up to 48 hours for them to fully propagate  What this means is that for anyone who has not visited your website recently, it will start working almost immediately. For anyone that has visited your website recently, which most likely you have, it will take up to 48 hours to start working properly. Usually it only takes a few hours though. 

While your nameservers are updating you will either get a connection error in your browser or you will see your old website.

Remember, this is only for people who have recently visited your website.

This process is not controlled by us. It is up to your ISP and how fast they are at updating nameservers.

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