I'm trying to register or transfer a domain but my domain extension is not listed. Can I still use it?


Although we only support a certain number of domain extensions (also known as TLDs) for registration and transfer, you can use any domain with EverWeb + Hosting.

1. First make sure you own the domain with another domain registrar that support your intended domain extensions
2. When placing your order, if you don't see your domain extension simply select the option;

'keep it with my existing registrar and point it to RAGE Web Hosting when I'm ready.'

3. Once you sign up, we'll send you nameservers that you need to update with your domain registrar. This article explains how to update your nameservers.

The difference between transferring your domain to us vs. purchasing it somewhere else and pointing it to our servers just means that instead of managing/renewing your domain through us, it is done through a different company. Everything still works the exact same.
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