Viewing Show Off Your EverWeb Site

Show Off Your EverWeb Site

User: Dale H. 8 years ago
After two years, I was finally given the go ahead to publish this site:
User: James G. 8 years ago
Dale, I like it, it matches the industry. The only issue I see on it is under the site name there are links to the certification, those links are on top of each other (stacked) for me.
User: Claes H. 8 years ago
After meny stressful ouhers I now have published ”Bild och Ord Akademin
from inside EverWebs ftp, and the site in original is up, you will find it here:

Bild och Ord Akademin
User: James G. 8 years ago
That is a really cool site Claes. My brother will love it.
When I click the blog link at bottom of page, it takes me to a google sign-in page.
User: Jeremy-RAGESW 8 years ago
I just wanted to let everyone know that the EverWeb Customer Sites page has been updated. Thanks again to everyone for their submissions!

If you notice any errors on the page (i.e. incorrect links), please let me know and will get them fixed up right away.
User: James H. 7 years ago
EverWeb has been fantastic! Here are the two sites I've built that really exemplify the creative possibilities: and Looking forward to what EverWeb continues to offer for the future.or the future.
User: Theo K. 7 years ago
I am currently working on a website for a Toronto based Band named The Accents. It's a work in progress.

It's the first time I am working with a regular and a mobile version of the website.

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User: Courtney H. 7 years ago
My site has changed its look considerably since the original grab for the customer site page. Is there any way to update the link's picture?

MrCourtney - Honolulu, HI
Mac Studio - dial monitors; iMac 27 5K - Dual Monitors - 10 TB hub
Alienware: Area 51 - 24 gb - Dual Monitors - All SSD
25 TB network storage
User: Michael D. 7 years ago
Two of mine I've been working on:
User: David B. 7 years ago
User: David B. 7 years ago
User: Chris B. 7 years ago
Hi guys,

I have just launched my EW site today

Im open to feedback if any of you think it needs work..

User: Joss D. 7 years ago
Looking forward to next EW update, new completed site here, all comments appreciated guys!
User: Joss D. 7 years ago
And one more completed to view...
User: Evelyn J. 7 years ago
I've just finished and published my first 'real' web site. A very steep learning curve, but I found EverWeb every bit as good as its reviews. The support I've been given during the process has been outstanding - thank you! Here it is, and I'd greatly appreciate comments and feedback.

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