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Show Off Your EverWeb Site

User: Jeremy-RAGESW 8 years ago
I just wanted to let everyone know that the EverWeb Customer Sites page has been updated. Thanks again to everyone for their submissions!

If you notice any errors on the page (i.e. incorrect links), please let me know and will get them fixed up right away.
User: James G. 8 years ago
The site I play with the most is It is constantly in flux as I try new things. The galleries open in new tabs
User: Tim H. 8 years ago
Wow Some excellent sites! Im busy starting to build a new site to replace my old iweb site I noticed some interesting features that are not immediately obvious in everweb but are posibly a 'Roddy' ( God like code master ) code thing? I haven't worked out which ones but would love to know how its done if some one can point me in the right direction. I did email both the sites creators but unfortunatly got no reply.....maybe its a secret? Features I am intrigued by are on the projects page of there are images that have a neat pop up caption on roll over and also on his contact page has very pro looking social media buttons that change on roll over and also link.....hows that all done then?
User: Jumbo T. 8 years ago

You ask how it's done?

Why not look at your own page, where I can see it :

has very pro looking social media buttons that change on roll over and also link

And on this page, you advertise the tools you use. Use them to create your rollover buttons.,_Retail_and_Display,_CGI_Modeling.html
User: Tim H. 8 years ago
thanks Jumbo T
The difference is his image has a caption window that pops up on mouse over. mine was a rolling slideshow not interactive ( I used wow slider if I recall and it took me forever ) . I like the way his is a static image that then reveals a caption on mouse over and link to other page.
I know I can just have an image / button that links to something but again his are interactive in that they change colour or change image on roll It's not something I have done before. It is different right?

Last edit 8 years ago
User: Jumbo T. 8 years ago
Here are two Social Media Logos in svg I downloaded from the internet.

To see the scaling advantage of svg over png, zoom the page :

Look at the source to see how it's done.
User: James G. 8 years ago
Tim, check out this page, it is very similar to first link in your post. If you did not notice, the images with captions are also links
User: Tim H. 8 years ago
Thank you Jim...I missed that one. And thank you Jumbo for the svg top tips. I will investigate code. Cheers T
User: Super_Tee 8 years ago

Still working on improving my mobile version, but my browser version is pretty much finished..
User: Trevor Allan D. 8 years ago
Hope you like this - our escape route from WordPress…
User: James G. 8 years ago
Beautiful site. Beautiful flowers.
The main image took a bit to load, as did the sky background on some pages. The already clicked link is nearly impossible to see, as is the Ring Us on contact page.

Super Tee- I like it, basic and informative. The only issue I had was that since every page is the same above the fold, I didn't know if I went to a new page or not without scrolling down
User: Eleni V. 8 years ago
Hello everyone! Excited to be here - I'm really loving EverWeb! Here's my brand new site:

I hope you like it - any comments on how to polish/improve things would be most welcome and very much appreciated!

I'm now off to explore some of yours! :D

With thanks,

Eleni :)
User: James G. 8 years ago
Slick and pretty, Eleni. My only suggestion is in the menu at the top, the entire field should be a link, rather than just the word.
User: Boris K. 8 years ago
Well I'm finally showing one of my websites. It's written Dutch but if you are interested in the text you can use translate for it ;-)
BokiMedia Photography.
User: James G. 8 years ago
Boris, nice, simple, and elegant. Really eye-catching.
Only issue I experienced was the last image on second row down (brownish pants) took a bit to load. I did notice it is same dimensions as others, but others loaded instantly and that one crawled open.

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