How can I change or reset my FTP Password?

If you are using EverWeb to publish your website to our servers, this suggestion will not apply to you.

Note: Your FTP password is for publishing your website whereas your client area password is used for accessing your account details through our website. EverWeb users do not need their FTP password, this is only for customers using iWeb or other web building products.

If you have forgotten it, or you would like to change it, please follow these steps. We recommend that you regularly change your FTP Password every few months for security reasons.

  1. Login to your client area
  2. Go to Services->My Services from the navigation menu
  3. Click the 'Active' button next to the service that requires the password update
  4. On the left hand side select the 'Change Password' option
  5. Be sure to enter a secure password that cannot easily be guessed, contains letters, number and symbols, and is not shared with anyone else

Once you update your password, this password will be used for publishing your website through FTP, such as with iWeb's Publishing Settings Screen.
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