My Optimized Changes Are Not Appearing on My Website

Unless you get an error from WebCrusher when publishing your files, your files have been published to your server. The reason you may not see the changes will fall under one of the following conditions. If you ARE getting an error from WebCrusher when trying to publish, you can still publish with ANY FTP client or see this trouble shooting article. Although WebCrusher will work with 99.9% of web servers, some servers may not work correctly. Make sure you have the latest version of WebCrusher before trying any of the following suggestions. These suggestions also apply to iWeb SEO Tool.

Please note, that we understand these things can be confusing and overly technical. But there is almost always a very simple reason why something may not work. There is very little way that we can make things any simpler than they currently are because of the nature of Internet and how websites work. We hope these suggestions make it easier to trouble shoot your issue.

Here are the reasons your website changes may not be appearing on your website;

1) The most common reason is you have not entered the correct directory path in the Directory Path field. When files get published to your website they need to go into the correct directory, otherwise the web browser does not know what files are supposed to be displayed for your visitors. Please understand we do not know what your directory path is. This is provided by your web hosting provider. If you are using Godaddy enter a single / (unless you have more than one account with Godaddy). If you are using RAGE Web Hosting enter public_html. In all other cases, email your web hosting provider and ask them for your Root Directory Path. There is no way for us to know what this is..

PLEASE VERIFY YOUR DIRECTORY PATH WITH YOUR WEB HOSTING COMPANY. We have many people who tell us they have verified their directory path but it turns out to be incorrect. Also, do not guess the directory path, or enter your website URL. These will most likely be incorrect and will not work.

If your web hosting company does not know what your root directory path is, it's time to get a new web host. All web hosts should have this information for you.

2) You republished your website with iWeb. Do not do this. If you want to do an post-processing with an iWeb site you will not be able to publish with iWeb anymore as it will over right all changes.

3) The third most common issue is a little technical, so instead of explaining why this occurs we will just outline some very basic steps to insure this issue is not the case. The basic reason is that either the wrong files are currently on your server OR you have not correctly published your website to a local folder. Please do the following to solve this issue if the above 2 methods don't work;

  • Republish your site with iWeb to your FTP SERVER (not your local folder)

  • Delete any local website folder you have previously exported with iWeb

  • Export your iWeb site to a local folder, use WebCrusher (or iWeb SEO Tool) as you previously have in the past. It should work now when publishing

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