I get a TCP error 22 when trying to publish my files through FTP

You may get the TCP Error 22 for one of the following reasons;

1) Make sure you have the latest version of the application. This is the most important thing to do as it can save you a lot of time in having to trouble shoot and get in contact with us when the fix is as simple as downloading the latest update. Visit http://www.ragesw.com/products.php to find the latest version of all of our software.

2) You have selected the Secure FTP checkbox but your FTP server does not allow secure connections.

3) You entered your FTP server incorrectly. An FTP server should NEVER start with http:// or www. The FTP publisher also automatically assumes you have entered ftp:// so you do not need to enter that either.

4) Some FTP servers require that you enter ftp.YOURDOMAIN.com instead of just YOURDOMAIN.com. Note that the ftp. portion is not the same as the ftp:// as mentioned in step 3. If your FTP server requires you to enter ftp.YOURDOMAIN.com make sure you have entered the ftp. part in the server field to prevent this error from ocurring.

5) You have entered your directory path incorrectly. Your directory path is NOT your website URL and will not start with http://. For Godaddy servers this should almost always contain a single / with few exceptions. Your web host is the only place you can get the correct values for each field required by the FTP publisher.

All of the above details can be verified with your web host. RAGE Software does not have this information so please email your web host to get your FTP details.

If you continue to have problems please realize that all web hosts and FTP servers are different. Our software works with virtually all web hosts BUT we can only guarantee 100% support with our web hosting service.

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