Adding a cookie consent button

UPDATE: offers a completely free widget for adding a Cookie Consent Notice to your website.

Some webmasters are required to place a cookie consent button on their website, which will warn users that cookies may be collected. If your website does not collect cookies, and/or you do not live in a region where this consent is a requirement, you do not need to add this cookie consent button. Recent changes in the European Union and GDPR have enacted new laws that require advising visitors from the EU about any cookies you are storing and personal information you are collecting about visitors. 

For those who do, or for those who wish to add it to their site anyways, there are two recommended methods. The first method is a do-it-yourself method with no cost associated with it, while the other is a bit of an easier option with more customizations.

This second option does require a free third-party widget. Please see the following video tutorial to learn more.

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