My email client is unable to connect to my email account. How can I fix this?

Assuming that the error message says something along the lines of 'Connection failure' or 'Connection refused', this article will help you quickly solve this issue.

If you get an error message along the lines of 'Authentication failed' or 'Login or password are incorrect', this means your username and password are incorrect and you need to verify you are entering the correct details.

1. Your IP address may have been banned from the server because of too many connections using the wrong connection details. In order to fix this you can unban your IP by following these steps;

From the computer you are having problems with, login to your client area at the URL below. This will automatically unban your IP address;

2. Confirm your email settings are correct. Many times users have SSL enabled but have the non-SSL settings entered in their email client. SSL just means you are using a secure connection to our server for email and your login details are sent encrypted over the network. Using SSL is the preferred way to check email as it is much easier.

Here are the instructions for configuring your email client

Specfically you need to change the server address from to the new server address explained above. Also, you will have to change the port number and select the use SSL checkbox if your email client provides this option. It is explained in more detail in the link above.

3. If you are using Apple Mail you can always test all of your email settings by going to the Window menu and selecting 'Connection Doctor'. This option will attempt to connect to all of your email accounts and will report any errors. It is a great way to see if you have something set up incorrectly and discover the exact reason.

Tip: If you find your IP is being banned (as in step 1 above) it is usually becayse you have an account set up with the wrong username/password that is trying to connect to our server. For security reasons, we ban IP addresses that try to connect frequently with the incorrect email account settings. Step 3 will help you identify if you have incorrect settings entered in Apple Mail. You should always review any accounts on your Phone or other email clients to make sure they all have the correct settings for your email accounts.

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