Viewing Using Google Fonts in the 'heading tag' widget.

Using Google Fonts in the 'heading tag' widget.

User: Roddy 4 years ago
You appear to have used the absolute path to the font file. Try again and select the relative path.

You should not need to do this if the link to the Google font is correct. I seldom use the EverWeb method of styling fonts so I don't have any experience of how successfully it inserts Google fonts and why it wouldn't work on iPhone.

The HTML5 Heading widget - for example - inserts Google fonts which do work on iPhone.

I haven't tested anything much in EverWeb V1.9 due to the fact that it optimises the code and makes it near impossible to troubleshoot anything. I had to spend ages fixing stuff in two large sites when I first moved from V1.7 to V1.8 so I am reluctant to do it all over again.

I can't see anything in V1.9 that I would benefit from and I need to test the master page feature where the assets amd supporting styles are stored in a folder. The Widgets 3 section of the EverWeb Codebox site uses a master stylesheet and I don't know how this is going to be effected by the upgrade.


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User: Raf P. 4 years ago
Better now?

Kind regards,

Raphael Pairoux
User: Raf P. 3 years ago
I'm looking for a 'heading tag' widget working correctly with Google fonts on all browsers and mobile devices.
Which 'heading tag' widget do you recommend please. The 'Google font h' or the 'HTML 5 h'? I want to use it in EW V1.9.

Kind regards,

Raphael Pairoux
User: Paul-RAGESW 3 years ago

We will fix this, please just give me some time to look over the latest information in the ticket you sent me.

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