Viewing Blog request from 1/26/2015

Blog request from 1/26/2015

User: Courtney H. 6 years ago
(1/26/2015) I have no inside information but considering how long they've been working on it and reading between the lines on some of Paul's answers, I'd say "soon". My money is on two months or less.
Again, that's just a guess.

Sadly my guess was wrong :-(

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User: Ms M. 6 years ago
Hey guys,

can you give users some info, (on dates) as it used to be a promised feature.
My subscription is ending.
With whats out there I feel people like me who need a blog option kinda gotta leave ever web as sad as it is....

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User: Sven V. 6 years ago
Not having a blog is the only feature that keeps me looking elsewhere. I'm still hanging on to Everweb, only because I don't want to spend time rebuilding my website, but not having a blog is really a deal breaker.
User: Lucas A. 6 years ago
I'm with everyone above. Blog feature is essential and needed ASAP. I'm hesitant to recommend the program because of its lack of blogging features. Even something as simple as iWeb's would be welcome at this point.
User: james 6 years ago
While I too am anxious, I'm managing it the manual way. I kind of expect it sometime this summer as a major part of an EverWeb 2.0 grand update.
User: Simon H. 6 years ago
Yes, yes, yes!!! I just started using EverWeb and transferring all my previous iweb sites over but was shocked to find NO BLOG option. Please add this basic function asap and you've got a new loyal customer here. Love everything else and so happy that someone has finally developed a similar app to iweb. Keep up the good work devs!
User: Paul-RAGESW 6 years ago
I can say at this point that we have made some great feedback on the blogging feature. I know you are all waiting for it. But can I ask why you would leave rather than create a Master Page of the layout and then create a folder called Blog and place each entry in that folder?

I am very sorry for the delay.

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User: wellnl 6 years ago
Hi Paul

For my usage, the blog 'workaround' is fine. I don't know if an automated tool would make is easier, better or more flexible? My usage of blogging is not sufficient to comment more than that. The only things I would note are that 1. a blog feature is usually on everyone's tick list as a standard feature in any website development product and the lack of this 'feature' may hurt EW sales and 2. The blog 'feature' has been a promised feature of EW since launch about 18 months ago. Therefore the expectation is there for this feature and not having the feature after such a time probably irks the user community. My question to the EW community is what features do you need/want/desire out of blogging that can't be achieved by using the Master page approach as Paul suggests? What's missing that EW needs to do that can't easily be done by ourselves?
User: Steve 6 years ago
Hey Paul
A built in blogging feature would be great.. But I hope that these people that can't wait for it are either doing the way that you've described in your videos or are using something like blogspot to run their blog and then integrate it within their EW page.
With a few adjustments it might be hard to tell that the blog is coming from somewhere else.


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User: Ms M. 6 years ago
Hello Paul,

because I am an illustrator I need to be able to show my work-in-process to clients online. I create new work each week that needs to be accessible.
Uploading images on everweb every day is a huge hassle. I cannot afford redoing my site on a daily basis.
I love Everweb because to me it is an art making tool with great features otherwise.
However, in order to post frequently, I had to get additional social media accounts.
I am thinking, sadly a pro page on behance or tumblr would make more sense if everweb stays off.
To me the point of paying everweb, is also to get all my services done in one place. The "up coming" blog feature was advertised on everweb's site at the time I downloaded the program about 1.5 years ago. I actually frequently asked about the blogging.

Maybe my point does make sense to you. If there is any way, would you kindly let the me know what the ETA of blogging will be?
I am looking much forward to all the great features everweb's creators keep designing. I luv your product otherwise.


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User: Danyel W. 6 years ago
Hello Paul,

I'm also waiting for the blog feature to appear. The proposed workaround is, compared to the blog feature in iWeb, a lot of extra work. A blog feature should do most of the necessary work for me. Without it, I need to create/update the main page of the blog and the navigation between all of the blog sites. That's a lot of, in my opinion, unnecessary copy and paste work to go through…
The missing blog feature is the only thing that keeps me away from transferring all of my websites from the aging (but still used) iWeb. There are some sites I have to maintain, that rely heaviliy on the blogging feature.
So therefore a blog feature is the no.1 feature I'm missing.

I hope you soon will have some good news concerning the blog feature…


User: Lucas A. 6 years ago
I fall in the same camp as the last few posters. The current method of blogging is too tedious and inconvenient, and I finally bought Everweb after being one of the original beta testers. I put off buying it so long because it didn't have a blogging feature, but my iWeb pages were glitching more and more, so I finally gave in and bought Everweb, despite not having a blogging feature YET.

I'm an artist/cartoonist, and a blog is essential for my website – I hate incorporating Wordpress or Blogger blogs via RSS feeds.
User: Chris B. 6 years ago
I have posted a comment in all the Blogging sections of this forum for a glimmer of hope on a delivery date. I have purchased this software bacause as a lot of people have said "it replaces iWeb" and on the whole it is an amazing replacement. However I am now stuck without a blogging feature built in the application. Im not into adding RSS feeds or tedious workarounds to fudge this capability, we have all been sat patiently over the last year waiting for this major advancement to drop.

Don't get me wrong I love Everweb i think it could be one of the best tools WYSIWYG developers can use but we are having to push for information and updates on this which is a little alarming especially after such a long wait. As a software developer I push out information on upcoming features the closer to release they get, this is almost silent.

Do we have an update?

Do we have a BETA date for this feature?

Are you stuck on an issue? Can we as a community help you?
User: Chris B. 6 years ago
^^ BUMP ^^ - Just bumping this one up again as it remains unanswered.
User: Lucas A. 6 years ago
I'm with you, Chris. I check the forums every day in hopes of a serious update.

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