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Blog request from 1/26/2015

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
There is no need to bump the forum post, I do know that everyone is waiting patiently for built in blogging and we do have a roadmap for it.

I do appreciate your willingness to help.

The reason I am silent is because I don't want to promise something and not deliver it on that date.

Basically we want to get version 1.8 out. Once 1.8 is out we will be adding features needed for a blog such as site wide search. We hope to have this implemented for 1.9.

Also be aware that internally we have made a lot of improvements to supporting a user friendly, secure and feature rich blogging platform. There are things that need to be done with the technologies we are using to support this. It's extremely difficult and time consuming.

Please remember, it is as stressful for us as it is for you. We want to make a great, powerful and easy to use product. That takes a lot of planning as well as trial and error.

I apologize for the wait but the only thing worse is to promise something on a certain date and not deliver.

Sorry again,

EverWeb Developer
User: Chris B. 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply here and its encouraging to read there is at least some development going to towards this being released.
Can you please keep us all informed as you progress with the development of this feature please (development progress and issues) at the very least it will give your subscribers an idea whats going on. There is nothing worse than silence when it's obviously something that impacts on a large proportion of your user base. We may even be able to help you solve some issues in development.

Information is power, and keeping people involved will stop people moving on to yet another replacement due to this feature not being offered yet.
It's a great app with a lot of scope!.. Keep up the good work.

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
It's a great app with a lot of scope!.. Keep up the good work.

Thank you. I will try to post updates but I don't want to post things that may cause people to believe that something will be released sooner than it should. As well, many unexpected things happen so it is difficult even for us to know how long a feature will take.

EverWeb Developer
User: James G. 7 years ago
Out of curiosity (and a little fear), what will run the search? Is it internal, or external?
User: Joel D. 7 years ago
A blog feature would be very good. I absolutely love Everweb, it's the best software I've used.
User: William W. 7 years ago
Quote: Paul-RAGESW - 17/04/2015 3:33:53
I can say at this point that we have made some great feedback on the blogging feature. I know you are all waiting for it. But can I ask why you would leave rather than create a Master Page of the layout and then create a folder called Blog and place each entry in that folder?

I am very sorry for the delay.

In my case I maintain three blogs, one of which has been in existence for eight years. Simply transferring everything using your workaround is not an option (I do have a real life :) ). The iWeb blog facility was probably its best feature. I've just bought Everweb, but I won't renew if the blog facility doesn't happen. Thanks.
User: Shari B. 7 years ago
I agree with William W. I probably won't renew if the blog feature isn't there by the fall. Too bad, because I really like Everweb, but in my line of work, fully functional blogging is key. There are lots of things my competitors are able to do that I can't without a real blogging function with comments, etc.
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
We understand. We're working on it. I apologize for the delay.

EverWeb Developer
User: เรืองนภา . 7 years ago
Thanks, in advance, for any info.

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User: Kristian N. 7 years ago
Hi Paul

First off, love EverWeb. Love. It. I'm also waiting for the blog, but... I'm using Wordpress in the meantime. But you asked previously why the master page wasn't enough and what did we want out of a blog.

For me, there's a bunch of things.

1... comments. Having to worry about whether you make the third party box big enough for comments... having to paste it in every time... not user friendly at all.
2... images. One of the best things about Wordpress is being able to use URLs for images. Having to upload stuff to EverWeb every time you want to post a pic is time consuming unnecessary.
3... being able to schedule a post. I'm part of a group that does posts. We're all in different time zones, so I need to be able to post in the middle of the night at times. But I don't want it to post early... so there needs to be a way to schedule an upload time. (even if this is just a hosting only option)
4.. also, using Wordpress... if you have a custom website. I've built a header, etc... I want my blog to look identical. Things like Wordpress don't give you near the creative power EverWeb does... so it doesn't look exactly the same. Plus, I have my blog as part of my main nav I have to use a work around so it redirects to the wordpress site from my nav bar. Yes this is possible and kudos for showing me how in a tutorial. But it's painfully obvious that the blog is on another site, because it nearly fully loads my Everweb page before finally launching my actual blog via Wordpress. Which means I have a 'token' page for the blog.
But it makes it feel like a bandaid for a bullet wound.

And I did try to do the manual blog for about a month. Dear god, it was so much work. Actually, a crazy amount. If anything, it made me loath the program, so thinking it's not a good workaround. Blogging should be about typing out your blog, easily inserting images or media (URLs for youtube video and images is essential) and scheduling when you want to publish it. You shouldn't have to really think that much about anything other than what you're writing about.

And I'd gladly switch to your hosting if it meant I'd get to blog. I actually plan on switching once the blog feature is included I guess I just saw it as a must do, lol, in order to get all I could out of it. And I won't be giving up EverWeb. I'll wait. Glad to know it hasn't been scrapped but is just taking longer than hoped, lol.

I'm sure none of what I've said is news but... thought I'd chime in. Oh, and your customer service is awesome.
User: Jumbo T. 7 years ago
Here's a solution for point 4 :
User: Daniel G. 7 years ago
I to am waiting for a blog feature. Why? Even though I know iWeb is no longer supported, most of it still works and I'm currently in El Capitan. It blogs well and reliably still. But I know I've got to move on at some point. I and I'm sure many others here have decided that Everweb is the choice for this but while iWeb still blogs I'm sticking with it and waiting for Everweb to make it's move.
User: Courtney H. 7 years ago
I've always wondered how any hosting site can stay in business when it's "absolutely free".
Can someone explain where gets it's income from?

Just wonderin'

MrCourtney - Honolulu, HI
Mac Studio - dial monitors; iMac 27 5K - Dual Monitors - 10 TB hub
Alienware: Area 51 - 24 gb - Dual Monitors - All SSD
25 TB network storage
User: James G. 7 years ago
I would guess they are several companies offering services across industries. Read their forums and see how many problems there are. Plus it looks like you are probably nickel and dimed to an extent. You get 200mb for free, but if you go over, part of the day visitors are redirected to the hosting site.
User: Shari B. 6 years ago
We've been promised a proper blog function with indexing and feedback. What is the status of this? I just hired a business coach, and she insists that it is essential to have this capability. I'd like to stay with Everweb/Rage if possible, but you've already had two updates this year, and no blog. When can we expect this? I really need to know or make a change. Thanks.

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