My header tags don't look the same when I publish my site as they do in iWeb.

Usually when you add a header tag in iWeb using a textbox you would enter;


Sometimes it may appear in black text in a different font than what is used by the iWeb theme. You can customize the look of a header tag using code such as;

<h1 style="font-family:Arial;font-size:20px;color:blue">HEADER</h1>

Replacing the values with the font styling you want. Make sure your code is formatted exactly as shown above, any errors in your formatting will result in the code not working correctly and the header text defaulting back to its original style.

The way the above code works is by using cascading style sheets (CSS). The 'style' attribute of the h1 tag (or h2-h6 tag) determine how the header should be styled. The format is;


So the above tag has the following css attributes;




You can use any number of CSS styling attributes including these CSS Styling attributes.
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