I get a Login Failed or Authentication Failed when trying to publish to FTP

This error means your FTP username or password is incorrect. You may have misspelled them or you are not entering your correct login details.

Some web hosts provide different login names for your Account Control Panel and your FTP server. Make sure you are using your FTP server login details.

Still having login authentication problems?

You are still entering the wrong details :). Email your web host and ask them what your FTP login details are and they will provide them for you. You may have recently changed or reset them so they may not be what you expect.

You should double check your FTP login details in a third party FTP client like Cyberduck to be sure. If authentication fails, you know you do not have the right login details. If you are able to login with another FTP client, please send us your FTP login details so we can test them here.

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