Is EverWeb Available for Windows?

Yes! As of EverWeb 3.9.1 you can now use EverWeb on Mac or Windows!

To use EverWeb on Windows simply go to the download page and click the Download EverWeb for Windows button.

EverWeb for Windows works on Windows 10 and Windows 11 or better.

If you are an EverWeb + Hosting user you can use EverWeb on either Mac or Windows for free.

If you are an EverWeb Standalone user you can use EverWeb on either Mac or Windows, if you want to use it on both Mac and Windows, you will need the Multi-Platform license

Downloading EverWeb for Windows 

Please note that since EverWeb for Windows is very new, some versions of Windows will report a warning when downloading it that says EverWeb has not been downloaded many times. It will require a few extra steps to download.

Of course have been operating for over 20 years, so you can confidently work through these extra steps to use EverWeb for Windows :)

EverWebSetup is not commonly download. Make sure you trust EverWebSetup.exe before you open it.

EverWeb for Windows Download Step 1

When you place the mouse pointer over the EverWebSetup.exe download, you will see the following 3 dots which you can press to reveal the menu below with additional options. 

EverWeb Download for Windows Step 2

You can select the 'Keep' option from the menu.

EverWeb Download for Windows Step 2

After you select 'Keep' you will see another warning that looks like this. You must select the option that says 'Show More' at the bottom of the dialog and then select 'Keep anyway'. If you would like to Report the Download as Safe to Microsoft, that would help other users bypass this dialog.

EverWeb for Windows Download Step 3


And for the last step, if the Installer does not open automatically, you can click the 'Open file' link right under the EverWebSetup.exe text. Then the Installer will launch and you can Install EverWeb on your Windows computer.

EverWeb for Windows Download Step 4

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