My changes are not showing up when I publish my website

If your changes are not showing up when you publish your website and you did not receive any error messages, there are a few things to check to fix this issue;

  1. The most common issue if you are publishing with FTP is that your FTP directory path is not set correctly. Please go to the File menu and select 'Edit Publishing Settings'. Check to make sure your directory/path is entered properly. For third party web hosting providers please ask your web hosting provider what  the proper path is. It is possible they recently changed this. A directory path can be different for every web hosting provider but is usually one of the following;
    1. public_html
    2. html
    3. www
    4. home
  2. Check that the nameservers for your domain are set properly. Nameservers are 2 - 4 strings of text that tell a domain which server to point to. They are in the format of
    1. If you are hosting with EverWeb + Hosting
      1. login to your client area and go to Services->My Services and then click the hosting service. On the next page near the middle you will see 2 the Nameservers
      2. Now go to Domains->My Domains in the navigation bar and from the Tools icon next to the domain you are having issues with select 'Manage Nameservers' (if you don't see your domains listed here you need to contact the company you purchased this domain from)
      3. Replace the nameservers that you copied from step 1
    2. If you are using a third party hosting company
      1. Ask your web hosting company if your nameservers are set up properly for your domain
  3. If you still don't see your website changes go to EverWeb->Edit Publishing Settings and check the Sub directory field. If this field is filled in with something it means you are not publishing to the main domain root. Your website is being published to If you don't want your website to go to a subdirectory, remove the text here and re-publish your website
  4. If you still don't see your changes then verify that you are actually visiting your new website. Sometimes if you search in Google for your website you will be taken to your old website. Check the path bar at the very top of your browser window and enter your domain name manually. See if your website comes up. 
  5. Try quitting your web browser and re-launching if you still have issues


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