An error occurred while sending the contact form. Check the developer console for errors.

If you get an error after pressing the Submit button for the Contact Form that says;

"An error occurred while sending the contact form. Check the developer console for errors."

This error is almost always caused by having a very old version of PHP installed on your server. PHP is a scripting language installed by almost every single web hosting provider and is needed by EverWeb's Contact Form. It is very important to keep your version of PHP updated on your server since older versions cause security issues.

The EverWeb Contact Form will work with PHP all the way back to version 5.6 which was discontinued in 2018. We recommend PHP 7.4 or later as older versions of PHP no longer receive security updates.

Please email your web hosting provider to confirm that you have PHP version 5.6 or later installed on your web hosting account.

If your web hosting provider has confirmed that PHP 5.6 or later is installed on your server, please follow these instructions to help fix the problem.

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