I deleted pages in EverWeb but they are still being published. How can I delete them?

In order to delete any pages from your published site you need use the 'Publish Entire Site' option from the File menu in the upper left hand corner of your screen. This will remove your currently published site and re-publish everything.

Third Party Web Hosting/FTP Publishing
If you are publishing to a third party web hosting provider you must also delete the files from your server by logging into it and deleting the deleted files. Or you can delete your entire site from there and just use the Publish Entire Site option from EverWeb. You should contact your web hosting provider to do this.

EverWeb + Hosting Users
If you are publishing to EverWeb + Hosting and you want to remove files from your server, you must contact us and we will remove your entire site. Then you can use the Publish Entire Site option to publish only the current files in your EverWeb project.
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