How Can I Create an Online Subscription Form?

Creating Online Subscription Pages

One of the most powerful features of MailShoot is its ability to create online subscription forms that you can attach to your website. This makes it easy for your website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list with no interactions from you.


Setting up a Subscribe Page

  1. Open your mailing list (either from under the Global Lists menu or from the Mailing Lists tab)

  2. Click the Subscribe Page tab in the Toolbar of the Contact List manager

  3. Fill in the provided fields in the ‘Create Subscribe Page’ window, including any custom fields you want your visitors to be able to fill in when they subscribe to your mailing list

  4. Your List Short Name is used to uniquely identify your list and your List Password is used to download your subscribers and to retrieve your list details incase you lose them. Do not lose these details.

  5. Press the Publish button

  6. Once you publish your subscribe page, MailShoot will ask you if you want to visit your subscribe page in your browser. You can preview this page or click the ‘Links’ tab to get the link to your subscribe page so you can add it to your website. Alternatively you can use the ‘Embed Code’ to embed the sign up form right on your website

  7. For local contact lists, make sure you save your mailing list document



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