Viewing Professional websites?

Professional websites?

User: James G. 9 years ago
I can say that for me personally; that joeyl site is a site that I personally won't spend time looking at. If I want to buy something I head out to buy it, in doing so I avoid any presentation that I have to wade through to get to what I want to buy. Isn't a 'perfect model' of a website in the eye of the beholder? A site that is too slick looking tells me that what they offer isn't worth it. Maybe it is a generational thing? All to often in my experience the packaging surrounding the product is better than the product itself. In fact I dislike the 'new' website designs that are popping up everywhere, they are a waste of my time. Take for example; young people go batsh!t over how great it is, how intuitive it is. I find it to be the opposite of those 2 things. As for copying an image off a EW built site, put each image in with a widget and then you can title it, tag it, caption it, and if copied it takes the info with it. Ultimately if you know web design and you know EW you could most likely duplicate the joeyl site almost all the way. I did not bother looking into his site building or hosting so cannot add that to the mix.
User: Milo L. 9 years ago
His site does the job for his photography. I'm talking about the website builder. Not the content.
I appreciate your advice on copying the image from a widget. That doesn't work because the widget doesn't give access to all the images. Only 2 at time. Very important for sharing to sites.
User: Courtney H. 9 years ago
Milo -

I understand where you're coming from. Here's an analogy:
No one has yet to explore all the possibilities of a pinhole camera. Some fantastic work has been done with them.
The point is it's the photographer that makes the picture, not the equipment.

EverWeb in the hands of a talented designer can do almost anything the $500 web design programs can. I said "almost" because DreamWeaver and a few others can do some nice things...if you know how to work them.
The colors, the design of how a site looks is up to the designer. Sure, some of the sites done with EverWeb look a bit amateurish. That's because the program is relatively easy and people without pro-level knowledge of site design will gravitate to that. It doesn't mean the program is not good or you can't deliver a pro-looking website. Consumers use templates and good designers do not.
That's in your hands.


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User: Bill K. 9 years ago
" Take for example; young people go batsh!t over how great it is, how intuitive it is."

Was build with EverWeb?
I'm over 60 and want site just like this one!
User: James G. 9 years ago
No it was not, but you can do it or almost it in EW
User: Miguel B. 8 years ago
Hey guys. I am making a living as a Designer , as a one-man-band, and I do too Webdesign. And I am using iWeb, I just comment here because I've searched for the same topic.
User: Paul-RAGESW 8 years ago
Hi Milo,

1. EverWeb can do pretty much anything iWeb can do and more. There is no limit to what you can do with EverWeb in terms of design.

2. EverWeb supports any font, styling or look of any website you will find online. You just need to assign these fonts/styles.

3. A website like can be made with EverWeb, however making it responsive the way it is now is not a feature built into EverWeb. Having said that, please do not confuse responsive, with Mobile friendly because the lytro website is not mobile friendly due to the large images used for the effects on it. EverWeb can create mobile friendly, beautiful websites.

Everything comes down to what you want to do and how you design your site. You can use any fonts, any styles and images and design your website however you like.

As for the Pinterest button there is a Widget in EverWeb for that. If you need anything different you can easily add a Pinterest button using the HTML snippet or perhaps you can find a third party widget that has more features you need. We can also create additional widgets when needed.

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User: Raf P. 8 years ago
We can also create additional widgets when needed.

What do you mean about that? EW creates widgets on demand?

Kind regards,

Raphael Pairoux
User: Roddy 8 years ago
EW creates widgets on demand?

I think what Paul means by that is that the developers - and anybody else - can create widgets using the EverWeb Widget API.

Here's an example of a widget that was created yesterday for an EverWeb user who wanted a Wordpress style resize header. This is just not possible with any other competing software.

EverWeb users now have over 500 widgets to choose from. I get a lot a requests from users to create widgetsfor specific items but I don't see too many requests in this forum.


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.
User: Shamia A. 8 years ago
Hi Mr. Bill K., I think is a good site . You can make a new site like this. Go ahead .

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User: Roddy 8 years ago
You can create a Parallax Scrolling web apge design like that with EverWeb too.

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NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.

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