What is FTP or FTP Server?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is how your website files are transfered from your computer to your web host's server. Remember, your web host's server is just another computer 'serving' your files to the world wide web.

Basically, it is a fancy name for copying files from your computer to your web host's computer. In order for your files to appear online you must transfer them from your computer to your web host's server using FTP.

Most of our software provides this functionality including WebDesign, WebCrusher, iWeb SEO Tool and Sitemap Automator.

In order to transfer your files using FTP you must have certain information that your web hosting provider can give you. This includes;

1) Your server address (usually yourdomain.com)

2) A login name

3) A password

4) Optionally a directory path. A directory is the location to where your website files are stored. We look at this more closely below since it often is the source of confusion.

5) Secure settings - This option should only be used if you know for certain that your FTP uses a secure connection. If you are unsure ask your web hosting provider. Usually you will not have a secure FTP connection.

Directory Paths

For example, the Directory Path to your Documents folder on your computer would be;

username/Documents/ (where username is replaced with your computer's username)

The Directory Path to your Utilities folder would be;


The exact same thing applies with your web host's server. The only difference is that the directory names may be different. For example, instead of Documents, the directory may be named public_html.

You need to ask your web hosting provider what the "Directory Path to your website files is". They will be able to provide you with this information if you do not know it.

If you are currently using RAGE Web Hosting then your Directory Path will be public_html.

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