How much does EverWeb cost?

There are two options for purchasing EverWeb. You can purchase EverWeb as a standalone version and publish to your existing web hosting service. With this option you will have to make sure you have hosting available through another company.

The second option is to purchase EverWeb with one-click publishing. This means that you get everything you need to get build your website and get it online. It also includes personalized email accounts, unlimited customer support, and a guarantee that all of EverWeb features will function properly without any technical setup. You don't need to worry about FTP publishing details, server configurations or any other technical issues.

The following features only to work with one-click publishing.
1. Password protection
2. 404 Page redirects
3. 301 redirects

The EverWeb standalone version costs $79.95 USD which gets you one year of free updates and support. You never need to upgrade and you will never lose access to your current version of EverWeb. To renew your EverWeb license the cost is $49.95 USD.

EverWeb with one-click publishing starts at $99.95 USD and gets you 2GB of file space, unlimited website visitors, 5 personal email accounts and unlimited support and upgrades while you keep your account active.

If at anytime you  no longer want to use EverWeb with one-click publishing you will never lose access to the software you purchased and can use any web hosting service you like.

The are no mandatory subscriptions and your purchased product never expires.
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