Transferring To EverWeb Hosting Without Website & Email Downtime

Transferring A Site To EverWeb Hosting

Do you have a website up and running right now? Perhaps you have an iWeb site currently live at your custom domain, and you want to begin using the EverWeb Hosting plan to host the site. If so, here is a quick guide for what you need to know regarding the switch in order to minimize downtime for your website and your email addresses.  

Step 1: Sign Up

Firstly, there are two options for transferring your site. Since you are going to use your same domain when switching to EverWeb, you will have the option of leaving the domain with the current registrar, or transferring the domain to us so that both your hosting and your domain are under the same account. There is no fee for transferring but you will be required to renew your domain for an additional year. This just means your domain will expire one year after its current expiration date.

If you are not sure what to do at this point, just choose the option to update your domain's name servers. You can transfer the domain at a later date. If you want to transfer the domain and need help, please send us an email and let us know.

If you are transferring the domain, you will need to have the domain set to 'unlocked' and obtain the EPP/Authorizaion Code. You will also need to ensure that Domain Privacy has been disabled (if applicable). Please complete all steps before clicking on the domain transfer confirmation link that you will receive after placing your order. 

Step 2: After Signup: Do not update name servers

Once you have signed up, you will now have an account for EverWeb. Having this account does not mean your domain is now associated with EverWeb. The domain's name servers would need to be changed in order for the domain to then be associated with your EverWeb hosting account. 

Before you update your domain's name servers, here are important things you need to consider. 

Step 3: Setup E-mail Addresses

If you have email addresses associated with your domain, you will need to set those up with your EverWeb account. Luckily, this is extremely easy to do with EverWeb. Just watch this tutorial to see just how easy it is. The tutorial will also show you how to add the email address to Apple's Mail client.

NOTE:  Please make sure that if you were using an IMAP account with your old web host, you download and backup all your email first locally, as that will not transfer over. If you're using a POP account, email is already stored locally

NOTE: These email addresses that you setup in EverWeb will still not be hosted on your EverWeb hosting account. This will happen after you update your domain's name servers (see step 5).

Step 4: Build & Publish Site In EverWeb

When you have finished building your new website in EverWeb, you will need to publish it to your server. This tutorial will show you how to do thatNote: You will not be able to view your site online with your domain just yet. 

Step 5: Update Name Servers

Once your site has been published, you can now update your name servers. Name servers are just two strings of text that tell a domain what server to point too. This will need to be done with the company you purchased your domain from. Please use the name servers that were given to you in the Welcome to EverWeb email that you received when you signed up to the EverWeb hosting plan. 

Once the domain's name servers have been updated, there may be a delay of several hours before you are able to see your EverWeb site at your custom address, and a delay for sending and receiving emails through the EverWeb hosting account email addresses.

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