We're excited to post the first public beta of EverWeb 4.2 for Mac & Windows.

This new version includes a large number of new features and fixes. You can download this public beta version by logging into your account and going to Support->Downloads->EverWeb Beta. 

Download EverWeb 4.2 Beta for Mac
Download EverWeb 4.2 Beta for Windows

Please remember that this version has not been fully tested and some features may be improved and/or changed.

Important: Once EverWeb 4.2 is released, the cost for Standalone renewals will increase to $59.95 USD. You can still renew your upgrade and support plan at the regular rate while EverWeb 4.2 is in beta.

What's new in EverWeb 4.2?

[NEW] Background Video Fill and Map Fill options in the Inspector-> Shape Options-> Fill.

[NEW] Shape Options-> Video Fill can be from a URL, a selected video file, YouTube link or Vimeo link.

[NEW] Responsive Rows now include a Toolbar with move up, move down, Settings and Delete buttons.

[NEW] Responsive Rows can be dragged up or down using the blue Toolbar itself when they are selected.

[NEW] You can use the 3 line Move symbol on the right hand side of the Responsive Row Toolbar to move the Responsive Row up or down.

[NEW] All widgets have a Settings Cog icon that lets you adjust their settings instead of having to use the Inspector. 

[NEW] All Full Width widgets in Responsive pages now include move up and move down arrows.

[NEW] You can now drag and drop web pages between projects.

[NEW] You can now drag and drop Master Pages between projects.

[NEW] You can now copy and past objects including images between projects.

[NEW] Dropping a video on to a page will add a Video Fill shape.

[NEW] Shape Options-> Image Fill now has an Alignment option.

[NEW] You can now select the jQuery version from Publishing Settings

[NEW] Flexbox Video URL can be a Youtube, Vimeo or MP4 link

[FIX] A large number of fixes and improvements for EverWeb on Windows

[FIX] SVG files are not exported as Webp files anymore when using the Optimize Images Options

[FIX] Captions work again for the Responsive Image Gallery widget.

[FIX] Fixed an issues with dragging objects between Responsive Row Widgets.

[FIX] Fixed some issues with importing iWeb image galleries that could crash on Windows.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

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