We are thrilled to unveil EverWeb 4.0, packed with features aimed at simplifying website design and introducing new monetization features  through our Membership Sites feature (BETA). Now, effortlessly set up membership or subscription-based websites, manage subscribers, and even handle payment processing seamlessly within EverWeb. Offer premium content, set up online courses, or manage memberships for special interest groups with ease.

EverWeb 4.0 is now available for macOS & Windows.

Key Highlights:


1. **Membership Sites (BETA)**: Password-protect pages, charge for access, manage subscribers, and send out personalized mass emails. Explore our Membership Packages or online demo to start for free.


2. **Global Styles & Colors**: Define and apply global styles across your website. A simple tweak updates the design across your site, ensuring consistency and saving time.


3. **Check Page & SEO Suggestions**: Optimize your web pages with our 'Check Page' feature, offering detailed SEO suggestions to enhance site rankings and usability.


4. **Enhanced Contact Forms**: Discover new layout options, column features, and form controls. Tailor what information is collected from visitors with improved form controls.


5. **Responsive Font Sizes & Custom File Extensions**: Ensure a seamless viewing experience across devices with responsive font sizes and extend functionality with custom file extensions like .php.


6. **EverWeb SiteShield**: Elevate your site’s security, now compatible with third-party hosting providers.


You can download the update from the Support menu->Downloads->EverWeb 4.0 Series or by clicking here.

Monday, October 2, 2023

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