Lots of new enhancements are included in EverWeb 3.5.1 to make website building easier. Even though this is a .1 release, we added a whole bunch of improvements and fixes. You can download EverWeb 3.5.1 from the 'Downloads' section in your client area.


[NEW] Any widgets that have a list of assets or a list of controls (ex: FlexBox, Contact Forms, Image Galleries), if you select multiple items in the list, you can adjust the settings for each selected item

[NEW] You can now preview images in the Assets list for widgets with the space bar

[NEW] Some settings in a Widgets Assets list that won’t affect the UI in EverWeb won’t cause a widget to have to update itself in EverWeb’s design canvas

[NEW] You can not right click on an object in a responsive row to remove it from the responsive row

[NEW] Double clicking an object that is from a master page will show a warning that you have to edit it from the master page and provide an option to go to the Master Page

[NEW] If a crash report appears and can’t be sent for some reason, the next time you launch EverWeb you will have the opportunity to send the crash report

[NEW] You can now paste a list of keywords separated by a , in one row of the keywords list and EverWeb will automatically parse them into their own row

[NEW] FlexBox buttons now have border styles and a max width property

[NEW] FlexBox gets a transparency option for image overlay background color

[NEW] Site Search now uses page names if there is no title

[NEW] Publish Settings Screen has an Add Domain button to easily register a new domain or add a domain as an add-on

[NEW] Support for additional FTP servers with enhanced security settings


[FIX] Better error checking when an image can’t be published

[FIX] Fix for shapes with no fill and a border not being published properly

[FIX] Spelling corrections in search results widget

[FIX] Fixed blog updating issues on macOS 10.16

[FIX] Fixed blog cover image not appearing on macOS 10.16

[FIX] Better error checking and warning when trying to preview a site without any pages

[FIX] Arrow keys work again to navigate the assets list when previewing an image

[FIX] Some buttons will properly auto resize when using different languages if the text in that language doesn’t fit

[FIX] Improvements to previewing certain widgets within EverWeb’s design canvas

[FIX] Fixes for the image gallery and pressing the pagination buttons within the Design Canvas

[FIX] File links work again in widget’s with the Styled text Editor

[FIX] Insert Date features works for non english systems

[FIX] FTP timeout window now shows the error along with the automatic reconnection/republish feature

[FIX] Changing the navigation bar name for a page not in the navigation bar won’t mark the pages with a navigation bar to be re-published

[FIX] Search video added to Site Search widget

[FIX] Removed the show title checkbox in Youtube widget since this setting is no longer valid

[FIX] Fixed crash when using large images for Image Fill and adjusting the Scale settings

[FIX} Fixed widgets previews when replacing an assets used by that widget

[FIX] Using Replace Asset with an image asset and selecting a new image with a different image extension will not use the new image extension

[FIX] Widgets now respect default link styles

[FIX] Fixed issue responsive rows that contain full width objects

Saturday, September 25, 2021

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