We've posted a very special sneak peek of version 3.2 of EverWeb just for you. Go to the downloads section to get the official release before we publish it publicly. 

EverWeb 3.2 contains a huge number of new features and fixes.

We've improved the contact form with a new Confirmation Email that can be sent to your visitors after completing the form. We've also added an option to send visitors to a new page after they have submitted the contact form to you.

The image gallery has new pagination styling options letting you match the styles to your website design.

Blogging enhancements let you add custom Previous & Next link text instead of using the blog titles. 

Scroll positions now let you mark any object on your page as a scroll position. Making it work great with responsive websites and letting you link directly to any object on any page.

We're very excited for this release and hope you enjoy the new features!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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