Viewing Announcing EverWeb 4.2.1: Improved Usability and Stability

Announcing EverWeb 4.2.1: Improved Usability and Stability

User: Paul-RAGESW 8 days ago
We're excited to release EverWeb 4.2.1, a minor but significant update focusing on usability and stability enhancements.

Key Fixes and Improvements

- Stability Fixes: Addressed a crash issue with copying and pasting widgets between projects.
- Font Panel Fix: Global Style names now appear correctly in the Inspector.
- Enhanced FlexBox Support: Improved object reordering for more flexible design layouts.
Better Vimeo Link Parsing: Ensured smooth video embeds across widgets and shapes.
- SEO Tool Refinements: Improved keyword suggestions for better search engine visibility.

Full List of Updates


Improved parsing of Vimeo video link URLs.


Improvements to re-ordering FlexBox objects from the Inspector
Better parsing of Vimeo links in widgets and for Video Fill shapes.
Improved navigation menus with drop-down options on mobile.
Updated icons for text alignment in dark mode on macOS.
Improved shadow code for images.


Fixed crash when copying and pasting widgets between projects.
Fixed Global Style name display issue in the Font Panel.
Fixed SEO suggestion for the number of keywords.
Fixed link anchors.
Fixed issue with deleting some shapes on a webpage.
Addressed drawing issues with responsive rows.

We hope these updates enhance your EverWeb experience. Download the update from the EverWeb download page or use the "Check for Update" feature within the software.

EverWeb Developer

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