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User: Darren R. one month ago
I have a website, email and calendar for the band I'm in. The website is fine as is the email. But the calendar, that is synced between my band mate (Android) and I (iOS and MacOS) has stopped working. In fact all the entries have disappeared for all our gigs, work schedules etc. It's really frustrating because I no longer have those some of those dates and i can't seem to get it working again. Anyone else having this problem or similar? I opened a support ticket but so far no joy in finding a solution.
User: EverWeb Support one month ago
Hi Darren,

Thank you for reaching out. We've responded to your inquiry via the support ticket you submitted. Please take a moment to review our reply.

If you need any further assistance or have additional questions, feel free to let us know.

EverWeb Customer Support
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