Viewing FlexBox Widget Popup Window for Vimeo & YouTube urls

FlexBox Widget Popup Window for Vimeo & YouTube urls

User: M M. one month ago
In the FlexBox Widget, when working with embedded objects (in this case an image), the "set link for this image" option doesn't work, no matter what link I add, (whether url or file, open in new window or popup window). When I preview the page, there is a hyperlink, but it simply reloads the page I'm already on.

When I check the "use button" box instead, the file option will work whether choosing "popup window" or "open in a new window." A url will work if I choose to open in a new window. But I cannot get a url to work as a popup window. I have tried Vimeo links, YouTube links, the Everweb website url, no links will work as a popup window. When I preview it in Safari, it simply shows a blank pop up box. In Chrome, the popup window has a message that says whichever url I'm using "refused to connect."

I've tried in both the 4.1 version and the 4.2 beta version. How do I get url links to show up in popup windows over an embedded image in the FlexBox Widget?
User: EverWeb Support one month ago
Hi M,

Thank you for posting.

Unfortunately, most websites refuse to be displayed in a pop-up window on another website. They have special codes that prevent this. This is a security feature implemented by websites to prevent attacks like 'clickjacking', and it cannot be simply bypassed.

You can display your own pages in a pop-up window through the FlexBox embedded image link since they are from the same origin.

If you're trying to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video on your page, there are widgets available for each. The 'YouTube video widget' and a similar 'Vimeo video widget' will allow you to display the video inside your website through special implementations allowed by the respective platforms.

If you need any further assistance, you can always open a ticket here: and send us your project file, along with a description of what you're trying to achieve. We'll be happy to help.

Best regards,

EverWeb Customer Support
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