Viewing Option to replace images with mobile version

Option to replace images with mobile version

User: Jesse M. 16 days ago
I would love to see the addition of a way to add mobile versions of images/videos, that would automatically be used when viewed on mobile phones and tablets, with an option to have any text that might be in the widget be positioned in a specific place overtop, or below/above the mobile image.

I know there is a way to add all three images to a page and then in the inspector select which device they appear on, however this does not work for responsive pages.
User: EverWeb Support 16 days ago
Hi Jesse,

Thank you for posting.

In the case of mobile pages (being different pages than desktop pages) you can build mobile versions exactly the way you want them to look on small screens, using the images and videos you'd like to see in mobile devices.

If there's something very specific you'd like to achieve, you can always open a ticket here: and let us know. We'll be happy to help.

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User: Jesse M. 15 days ago
Yes, I take advantage of that feature and have many mobile versions of specific pages on my site. The only issue is that there is no option for tablets. Often, the view of a page on a tablet does not look ideal and sometimes does not work at all, even with a mobile page. I use quite a few of the widgets from due to the option in some of those widgets for adding 3 image sizes, with the middle being specifically for tablets. It offers an advantage when designing for all devices.

It would be convenient to simply have the option of inserting 3 separate images, one for each device, instead of making a separate mobile page, specifically with responsive designs. Just a thought:)

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