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How do I copy a page from one of my websites to another

User: Yvo B. 19 days ago
I have two identical webpages, one in Dutch and one in Spanish. I just renewed the dutch a for renewing the Spanish I want to copy and past entire pages and then just write the texts in Spanish. I can copy a page or duplicate one but it does not work to paste it in the other webpage.
User: EverWeb Support 19 days ago
Hi Yvo,

While It's not currently possible to move or copy pages from one project to another in EverWeb version 4.1, you can still copy and paste the content of the pages. Here's how:

- Go to the page you wish to copy.
- Click anywhere on the page to select it.
- Go to the top menu and click on "Edit" → "Select all" from the dropdown menu.
- Once the content is selected, return to "Edit"→ "Copy."
- Go to the new project you're creating and add a new page.
- Paste the copied content using "Edit" → "Paste."

Additionally, you can easily duplicate your project files. Simply go to the Recent Projects list in EverWeb, click the two little arrows next to the project file you want to duplicate, and select "Duplicate" from the dropdown menu.

Note that the capability to copy pages between projects will be introduced in the upcoming version of EverWeb.

Let us know if you require further help.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Paul-RAGESW 17 days ago
Hi Yvo,

This feature is coming in EverWeb 4.2 which will be released soon.

EverWeb Developer
User: Paul-RAGESW 14 days ago
Hi Yvo,

Please try the latest 4.2 beta which will let you transfer pages between projects now

EverWeb 4.2 Beta Download

EverWeb Developer

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