Viewing HERO Widget bug in version 4.1

HERO Widget bug in version 4.1

User: Jesse M. 2 months ago
Just wanted to follow up on this issue after opening a ticket. just in case anyone else was experiencing this.

There is a bug in Everweb version 4.1 that is affecting all HERO Widgets from (Roddy's widgets) that contain multiple image sizes to accommodate multiple devices.

When publishing with version 4.1, only the Large images are published correctly...the Medium and Small images are replaced with the Large image.

When reverting back to version 4.0.1, the images are published correctly again. Hope this information helps anyone that might be having an issue.
User: Jesse M. 2 months ago
Also wanted to add that apparently it's not just HERO widgets. I've now noticed that ANY widgets that contain an option to add a separate Mobile image will no longer display that smaller image, only the main larger image.

Again, once I re-publish the site using any older version of Everweb the mobile images are then displayed correctly.
User: Paul-RAGESW one month ago
Hi Jesse,

Sorry to hear about the issues with the widgets.

If you can send us one of the widgets you are having issue with, we will look into it and get it fixed ASAP.


EverWeb Developer

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