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User: Susan S. 3 months ago
I'm testing out the Everweb gallery and the EverWeb Garden on a page.

I could have sworn with the Everweb Gallery, when you went into slideshow mode, it had a caption on the bottom. It doesn't now. Did I do something to get rid of the caption? Or am I mistaken? I know it's on the thumbnails, but I'd like a caption in the slideshow, too.

The first gallery on the page is the Everweb Gallery, and the second one down is the Everweb Garden. I have a support ticket on that one. I don't like how it puts most of the thumbnail caption on one line but wraps some of it. I'd like 4 lines like in the Everweb Gallery. When it goes into the Slideshow, it's all on one line, and I can't seem to change the spacing. The artist feels that it all runs together.

I tried a few other slideshows and can't get them to work.

Thanks, Susan
User: EverWeb Support 3 months ago
Hi Susan,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Apologies for any inconvenience you're experiencing.

Can you please open a ticket with us and provide us with your project files so we can further investigate this issue? You can use the following link: Submit Ticket

Thank you,

EverWeb Customer Support
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