Viewing EverWeb 4.1 Released! Optimized Images, Video Backgrounds & More...

EverWeb 4.1 Released! Optimized Images, Video Backgrounds & More...

User: Paul-RAGESW one month ago
We're excited to announce the release of EverWeb 4.1, a significant update designed to enhance the speed, performance, and design capabilities of your websites. This update is now available for all our hosting customers and those with an active EverWeb Standalone upgrade & support plan.

What’s New in EverWeb 4.1:

Automatic Image Optimization: Images are now automatically converted to the Webp format and resized for quicker loading, directly accessible under File->Edit Publishing Settings.

Lazy Loading for Images: This feature, found in Inspector->Shape Settings->Image Fill, ensures faster content loading by delaying the loading of off-screen images until needed.

Video Backgrounds: Add full-screen video backgrounds to your web pages using the option in Inspector->Page Settings->Browser Settings, complete with a parallax scrolling effect.

Enhanced Background Image Controls: New customization options for page backgrounds, available under Inspector->Page Settings->Browser Settings and Inspector->Page Settings->Page Background.

Improved 'Check Page' Feature: Receive more detailed suggestions to optimize your web pages in line with current web standards and search engine guidelines.

Code Quality Improvements: The HTML and CSS code generated by EverWeb now more closely follows W3C standards, ensuring better compatibility and performance across platforms and browsers.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements: We've addressed issues including a 500 error on preview, the Stripe Payment widget functionality, enhancements in Contact Forms, and more.

Enhanced Performance and Design Flexibility:

EverWeb 4.1 focuses on speeding up your website, improving search engine rankings, and providing a smooth user experience. Additionally, the enhanced design features allow for more creative control and customization.

Download Now:

Update to EverWeb 4.1 today to take advantage of these new features and enhancements.

EverWeb Developer
User: Les C. 29 days ago
Hi Paul,
Is it possible to get more detail on the enhancements in Contact Forms?

User: Paul-RAGESW 29 days ago
Hi Les,

There were minor fixes for the Contact Forms Enhanced. Including fixing the drop down menu that listed the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on and minor bug fixes with the forms in general.

EverWeb Developer
User: Roberto M. 29 days ago
for next update... I really think SVG should not be converted to WebP ... !
(or at least a checkbox in publishing preferences, to exclude SVG from image optimization...)

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