Viewing Layering text, shapes and images?

Layering text, shapes and images?

User: Ray D. 15 days ago
I see a lot of the templates do this: They have a layer of text on top of a shape, on top of a photo. But when I try to do this, they always end up next to each instead of layered. Is this not possible on a responsive page, or am I missing something?

I searched the manual but only found info on selecting or moving layers, nothing about creating them.
User: wellnl 15 days ago
HI Ray

You can add text to shapes and images just by clicking inside them, then start typing. Once done, select the text and use Cmd+T, or the font button, or the Text Inspector to size and style the button. You can also use alignment options to center the text within the shape or image.

Hope that helps!
User: Ray D. 13 days ago
What about layering a shape over a photo?
User: wellnl 13 days ago
you can do that in a center aligned page layout, but not in a responsive page layout.

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