Viewing Previewing responsive pages suddenly doesn't work

Previewing responsive pages suddenly doesn't work

User: Ray D. 16 days ago
When I click the Preview icon, it opens the page in Safari, but when I go to "Enter Responsive Design Mode", now it only shows a single 800x600 window, with no place to select other devices. It just started doing that this evening.

Earlier today there were some automatic updates, I think one of them may have been an update to Safari. So I'm wondering if that changed the way Responsive Design Mode works, or there is some other issue.

I have Safari version 17.1
User: EverWeb Support 16 days ago
Hi Ray,

Thank you for your message!

Please note that the responsive mode in the latest Safari version has undergone changes, and its functionality is no longer accessible as it used to be. For more details, please refer to Safari's release notes:

However, you can still preview the responsive mode using:



Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

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